Lowepro Passport Backpack Review

Lowepro Passport Backpack Review

My quest to uncover the perfect camera backpack brings me to the Lowepro Passport Backpack. This pack initially caught my eye because it reminded me of the old Jansport backpack that I used for years from middle school to college. That old back was very to the point. It carried…

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

If you’re looking for a literal off the road kind of adventure hop on US-395 for a couple of hours then ditch it to visit a forest housing some of the world’s oldest trees. On the third and final day of my Memorial Day road trip my friends and I took…

Snowshoeing Clouds Rest by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)

Snowshoeing Clouds Rest

Yum, that snowshoeing life. Snowshoeing is without a doubt a Type II kind of fun. This kind of fun is only realized in hindsight. In the moments in which the supposed “fun” is happening all you can feel is the exhaustion seeping down from your back and into the bottoms…


Lee Vining

Day 2 of our 3-day Memorial Weekend trip had us traveling north up the 395. The area is very scenic and instead of passing through as I’ve habitually done in the past while en route to Yosemite my group and I decided to stick around and check out Lee Vining….