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Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (

Jim Kwik

It’s not everyday that you get to photograph a new real superhero. Meet Jim Kwik, a guy that will never forget your name and…

Lewis Howes by Melly Lee (

Lewis Howes

Everyone’s heard of the stories where the protagonist starts off a broke chump and then overcomes adversities to become someone widely successful and great right?…

Yael Cohen and Julie Greenbaum of Fuck Cancer by Melly Lee (

F*CK Cancer

Sometime in the fall I photographed two incredible women, Yael Cohen and Julie Greenbaum, for a interview with NextShark. It’s not too often that…


Podcasts to Listen To

Over a year ago my friend, Brenda Wong, invited me to be a guest on her podcast, Quarter Life Crisis, to talk about photography…

Arden Cho by Melly Lee (

Arden Cho on

You guys remember my beautiful pal, Arden Cho, right? Arden was one of my first friends I made when I started venturing into Los…

Jen FrmHeadToToe by Melly Lee (

FrmHeadToToe and Marc Jacobs Beauty

Earlier this year I got to photograph Jen Chae of the From Head To Toe YouTube beauty channel for a social media collaboration with Marc Jacobs Beauty….