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Mount Baldy (Round 2)

There’s seems to be a lot of adventuring and GoPro videos this summer. Over the weekend I made another trek up Mount Baldy, and now my…


GoPro Accessories

I’ve had a GoPro Hero 3 for a about year now, however only recently have I started to mess around and record things with…

Courtney Yeh by Melly Lee (

Courtney Yeh

During my downtime I’ve been progressively photographing portraits with analog film more and more. Still in search for the perfect film stock for my…


GoPro Longboard Mount

Hello! and welcome to the newest addition to the blog ::drum roll:: LABS! Which is where I’ll be sharing a few of my creative…

Robert Greene by Melly Lee (

Robert Greene

I had the pleasure of photographing author Robert Greene at his LA home for an interview over at NextShark.  He’s a very charming gentleman….

Mount Baldy by Melly Lee (

Mount Baldy

Confession: I recently watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and have fallen in love with the following quote: To see the world, things…