From My Phone Mondays – 1

The first of From My Phone Mondays!

As Chase Jarvis said “the best camera is the one that with you,” my most used camera is my iPhone 4s. I love it because it’s literally always with me and with fewer options like shutter speed, aperture, iso, …etc. With my dinky little phone I’m more interested in creating snapshots rather getting caught up in intricately creating a “perfect image. ”

I’m also trying to consistently blog more here. Anyone can freely view my work over at my portfolio, but for clients to who’d might potentially hire me I think it would be helpful showcase my point of view, how I work, my creative thought process, and ultimately show who I am as a visual artist. Please bear with me as I try to figure out a routine blogging schedule. For now you can look forward to:

  • Mondays – From My Phone
  • Tuesdays – Photos
  • … rest of the week TBA

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