Foundry Book I


Hah-zah! The first volume of Foundry is finally out! Foundry is a collaboration project between my friend Jenny Ong (neon blush). During the summer of 2012 we would often entertain the idea of creating ensemble portraits that would merge our interests of fashion, photography, and personalities. Near the end of the year (November? December?) we both finally sat down and decided to make this idea happen. We rounded up a cast of your favorite lookbook fashion bloggers and many of my talented friend I’ve meet through working on various film sets and attacked this project head on.

This is a very different project project for me. I believe most of you are more familiar with my quirky portraits and my past blog work.  With Foundry, both Jenny and I wanted to create a more editorial experience on the new media platform. There’s some very special when as a viewer you get to sit down and enjoy something that has been carefully crafted for your viewing pleasure –as opposed to slouching over a computer and scrolling away on a traditional blog format (just like right now! :P). I also have been wanting to branch out and shoot more fashion based projects in addition to my usual whimsical ways.

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Foundry-JennyOng49 Foundry-ZoeFlood27 Foundry-EdwardsHair25 Foundry-BethanyStruble43 Foundry-AmberSaylor11

Make sure you check out the full book below:

By the way, we in the works of shooting Volume 2 in May!



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