From My Phone Mondays – 3

Last week I made a spontaneous trip up to San Francisco with Jenny Ong (neon blush). We left in the wee hours on Wednesday to get away from Los Angeles’ natural hustle and bustle congestive aura to find some relaxation and creative inspiration.  Check out my photo diary from my phone, I shot a bit on my dslr as well (I’ll blog those another day though, stay tuned!)


Outside of the city, I love driving. The open roads and empty horizons give me the sensation of infinite freedom. A lot of brainstorming and reflecting goes on during these long drives.
MellyLee-FMP-SF-002 MellyLee-FMP-SF-003 MellyLee-FMP-SF-004

Too bad Jenny was passed out for most of the drive. MellyLee-FMP-SF-005

Per usual, I abhor staying in hotels. I much rather pack light and jump around on couches. Thanks Thach!


I’ve visited SF countless times during my college days, but somehow this litte city treasure escaped all my previous visits! I was introduced to the most delicious ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery.

MellyLee-FMP-SF-017MellyLee-FMP-SF-007 MellyLee-FMP-SF-008 MellyLee-FMP-SF-020MellyLee-FMP-SF-022  MellyLee-FMP-SF-014 MellyLee-FMP-SF-015

Back in LA I’ve been trying to find a location with abundant blooming flowers and greenery for a shoot. I find it very common and ironic that whenever you can’t find a particular element for a project it always appears everywhere and every time you’re not looking.

MellyLee-FMP-SF-016 MellyLee-FMP-SF-019 MellyLee-FMP-SF-018 MellyLee-FMP-SF-013 MellyLee-FMP-SF-009 MellyLee-FMP-SF-010MellyLee-FMP-SF-011

I think this photo of my clean licked soup bowl explains my feelings towards Swan Oyster Depot. Speaking of food, perhaps I shall join the If I keep documenting my meals…


Above: Tartine Bakery, Brenda’s French Soul Food, and Arizmendi Bakery.

MellyLee-FMP-SF-012MellyLee-FMP-SF-021MellyLee-FMP-SF-027MellyLee-FMP-SF-025 MellyLee-FMP-SF-024 MellyLee-FMP-SF-023

Peace out San Francisco!

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