Unboxing Fuji x100s


I’m doing some traveling this year so I thought it was about time I got an iPhone replacement — the Fujifilm X100S! That convenient little camera can only do so much (aka take pictures in the daytime — not so good in the dark. And let’s be real: this one is pretty damn cool. On the surface, it appears to be some junkie camera of the old days. But in reality, it is a digital, quick-snap wonder that has similar features to one of those fancy schmancy DSLRs.

Up next in Melly Lee’s Worldwide Adventures:

– Tulum, Mexico (hola!)
– New York
– a roadtrip across America
– Asia??

Read on to see what’s inside the Fuji box!

MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-002 MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-003 MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-004 MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-005 MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-006

I also picked up a used Fuji LC-X100 Leather Case over on Craigslist-ville. It came with built-in character 🙂MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-007 MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-008

Some snapshots I took this afternoon:


Oh hai Ryan Feng!

MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-sample3 MellyLee-Fuji-x100s-sample2

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