It’s surreal how street art mecca, 5Pointz, in Long Island City, Queens has been completely whitewashed and will be demolished into pieces very soon. Though I only recently visited the legendary site it was crazy seeing a building that welcomed the best street art.  I briefly visited the site after a trip to MOMA PS1. Thinking that I’d have more time to explore the institute another day when daylight was more available I took a few snapshots from my phone and trotted off. Not being a New York native, I didn’t realize that the city had plans to knock out the building and build condos on top. Such a loss for New York. I wish I had taken more images of the historic building during my visit.














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  • Hi Melly, so great to see that although you’re not from the East Coast, you still wrote a post in tribute to 5 Pointz. I just wanted to let you know that it’s Long Island City not Long Island! They’re two different areas here in NYC!

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