Before and After Post Processing Gifs 2

It’s that time again! Time to take a peak at some of my Post Processing before and afters — Round 2! You’ll notice that in this set I didn’t add many special effects or extreme compositing. Instead I focused on adjusting specific, small details (mostly tones and color) to complete each image.

Dane Boe by Melly Lee (

Dane Boe – This was a simple clean up. During the shoot I used a 20×30” orange poster board as a background for Dane. In post I extended the background and tweaked the contrast.

Abraham Lim by Melly Lee (

Abraham Lim – Yes, the fire was done in camera 🙂 Abraham and I waited  till around sunset to make this photo. I wanted the sun to be low enough so that flame from the molotov will have a vibrant, orange glow. Since the entire image was lit from the remaining sunlight and the fire from the bottle all I really had to do in post was bring out the warm tones and brighten up Abraham’s face with a curves layer.


Wong Fu Productions  – I photographed Phil, Wes, and Ted against a 18ft cyc wall, which turns out to still be too small to fit a group against when you take all the lighting setups surrounding the guys. Thus in post I removed all the studio elements, extended the background, and for kicks I removed the chairs the guys where sitting in and created a new shadow for them. I thought it would make the image more interesting if they appeared to be blown away. You guys know how I love my Off The Ground photos.

Sawyer Hartman By Melly Lee (

Sawyer Hartman – Sawyer wanted a behind the scenes look for a photo, thus it was perfectly ok for the background to be a complete mess! Minus a few parking signs and trash on the floor.


Ryan Kristafer – During my February stay in New York emcee and host, Ryan Kristafer, contacted me for new photos. We shot in a loft by Union Square with a large window and black curtains. Ryan had this idea of popping out of the window’s curtains as if he were rushing out on to a theater stage. With black curtains the idea didn’t really register, so I filled them in with red like a coloring book!


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