New York in February

The current heat wave striking Southern California is really making me nostalgic for cooler temperatures. And since Californians never really experience a true winter… let’s throwback to the time my buddy Jenny Ong (Neon Blush) and I ran off to New York for Fashion Week earlier this year. I was in town for a few client shoots and whenever possible I snapped shots on my phone. It’s funny looking at winter photos when summer is around the corner. The quick snapshots evoke plenty of fond, warm memories and many stories that replay in my mind. I think it’s a great exercise for everyone to document and visually journal the adventures you take. 


We stayed in Midtown around the time of that dreaded polar vortex. Initially, like the Californians that we are, the snow in the city was simply magical. We quickly got sick of it though, ugh black ice.


By far though the highlight of this trip was walking across the pond in Central Park. I have an unusual bucket list of things I need to do. One of them is walking across a frozen body of water. It can be anything an ocean, river, lake, etc. During one of my off days I took a stroll through the park and discovered that the pond had frozen over. Don’t try this.




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