Mount Baldy (Round 2)

There’s seems to be a lot of adventuring and GoPro videos this summer. Over the weekend I made another trek up Mount Baldy, and now my quads are screaming for dear mercy. This is a high that should not be underestimated. It’s roughly  10,064ft (3,900 feet of elevation gain) and should be a 11-12 mile roundtrip. Somehow we ended up getting lost on our way down from the summit, which made our hike closer to 15~ miles. Opps. 

Given that getting to the summit is quite a strenuous hike I didn’t think I’d be back so soon. However, while catching up with one of my pals sometime in June, Jani Wang, we got courageous and decided to make plans to hike to the top. –Although I only agreed to go back up if we got group to join us. After all the more the merrier!


Since this was my second time doing this hike and I knew what to expect I decided to pack my GoPro and D800 + 35/1.4 to document the trip. The weather was ideal as well –beautifully overcast with no smog!







When we reached the top we took turns defiling the Mount Baldy sign with some over joyous tourist pose …turns out most of the people in our group can do some form of yoga.



… or dirty dancing.



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