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During his brief visit to Los Angeles for a convention earlier this summer I photographed Slava Rubin for an interview he was doing in his west LA hotel room. Slava is a swell guy that really hates cancer and is the CEO and founder of this awesome website called It’s the largest global fundraising and crowdfunding website for people looking to raise funds for an idea.

Slava Rubin CEO of by Melly Lee (

In fact my buddies over at Wong Fu Productions used Slava’s Indiegogo platform to raise  $358,308.00 for their first feature film. As a creative entrepreneur myself it’s always very encouraging getting to sit down and photograph people like Slava. His words of advice for those aspiring entrepreneurs:

“My one word of advice would be… People don’t want to start making a train move but they always like to jump on a moving train, so you should get the train moving.”

Slava Rubin CEO of by Melly Lee (

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