5 Humours Photography Infographics

I am certain that every working photographer regardless of industry or subject matter shares the same emotions of victory and utter despair. The pros and cons of the job [The Joys and FMLs of Freelancing] are on extreme polar opposites! Of course it’s great to be given the chance to do what you love everyday as a career, but sometimes everyday doesn’t happen. Seriously, no joke. Especially when you’ve level out of being an amateur and are at that transition point of being a professional to being a professional on a big dog level. By big dog level I’m referring to being in the same market as household name photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Terry Richardson, and so many more. This transition is where things get hard and really you only have 2 courses of action.

1. Quit Now

2. Keep Going

And if you’re reading this you’re probably on the same wavelength as me in that you’re going to keep going no matter what! Maybe even to the point past death?!

Keep Going!!!

With the shared experiences of our ongoing journey as a creative I wanted to share 5 photography infographics that seemingly described the realities of what it’s like to work as a photographer while poking fun at the entire situation. Enjoy!



Infographic Courtesy of David Illig. Click for enlarged view.
Infographic Courtesy of David Illig. Click for enlarged view.
Infographic Courtesy of http://visual.ly/can-i-use-picture. Click for enlarged view.
Infographic Courtesy of http://www.fotoseeds.com/create-sustainably. Click for enlarged view.
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