11/52 Stuck in the Clouds

52 by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)


I just wanted to be surrounded in a giant colorful cloud! Over on Facebook earlier last year I noticed a bunch of my friends were participating in The Color Run. All of the photos were of crowds of people dressed in white being engulfed by color powder flying through the air. “What a lovely visual effect!” I thought to myself.


Since my last few 52 self portraits involved several techniques in Photoshop I wanted to veer away and return to something more minimalistic and in-camera. For this shot I simply had to stand still and convince one of my friends to pummel me with holi powder. Holi powder is the same powder that used during color runs.


When you’re using it around cameras be sure that your camera is secured in a airtight housing. Otherwise you’re going to have a fun time cleaning and cleaning and cleaning… you know forget it just buy a new camera and lens (petapixel.com/2013/05/08/photographing-a-color-run-will-destroy-your-camera-gear-dont-do-it.)

I placed my camera into an Ewa-Marine U-BXP100.


My hair stylist friend, Kelsey Petersen, had absolutely no qualms with chunking pink powder at me. Over and over…

Equipment Used:

Induro Alloy 8M AT214 Tripod
Nikon D800
Sigma 50mm 1.4 (Nikon/Canon)
U-BXP100 Underwater Housing

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