Bilbo Baggins’ Unexpected Journey to Havasupai

Over the weekend I took my first backpacking trip down to Havasupai. It’s an incredible spot hidden deep in Grand Canyon, AZ complete with gorgeous canyon formations and plenty of giant waterfalls. Somehow a desert in the middle of nowhere has more water than California …le sigh. Visiting Havasupai requires camping plus either a helicopter ride or 10 mile hike while carrying 30lbs of backpacking gear.

I took the 10 mile hike with the 30 lbs of camping and photo gear. I promise you it was fun.

For the trip I packed my regular workhorse gear to photograph landscapes and stars at night. But for my own impulsive enjoyment I stuffed a LEGO Bilbo Baggins Shire variant into my pocket for some iPhone photography. Just like my Batman in Seoul series I wanted to capture the little moments found while hiking without digging through my pack to set up my clunky DSLR –Bilbo Baggins + iPhone to the rescue!


Behind the Scenes:


Everything was photograph with my iPhone 5s. Sometimes I’ll flip my phone upside in order to get a lower angle for my tiny subject.


Editing Software:

priimeAll images were processed using the Priime photo editing app on the car ride back to Los Angeles. I thought I’d give this new app a try since it’s been buzzing around all the tech and photo news blogs.

So far I’m finding it pretty swell! Priime is currently free and features filters that are by a community of curated photographers. One feature I’m liking a lot is that you can edit a photo in your phone’s camera roll directly while maintaining a history of edits (in case you want to undo.)  This means you save time by not having to upload the photo you want to work on into the app and then export it when you want to share it.

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