Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)

It’s not everyday that you get to photograph a new real superhero. Meet Jim Kwik, a guy that will never forget your name and your story. I first heard about Jim and his incredible ability to optimize learning through multiple podcast interviews, which I’ll embed at the bottom of this post for the curious minds [Podcast to Listen To.] As a kid Jim couldn’t keep up in class with his classmates because of a learning disability. Instead of letting this obstacle hinder him, Jim went around the struggle figuring out how the mind works to fully grasp and execute ideas and concepts. He eventually mastered the skill enough to a point where he’s able to help other people (including the entire cast of the X-Men!) by teaching them how to improve their learning abilities.

Needless to say I was excited to photograph Jim. He also gets bonus points for being a superhero fan as well!

Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)

Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)

Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)

Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)
Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (mellylee.com)

Equipment Used:

jimkwikbtsJim’s portraits were taken with either a 35mm or 50mm lens using natural light plus a reflector. For environmental portraits I prefer shooting with primes lens because their weightlessness gives me more mobility to compose my shots [Pros and Cons of Primes.]

Nikon D800
Sigma 50/1.4
Sigma 35/1.4
5-in-1 Reflector – 42×72″ 


You can watch his interview below or read the full article on NextShark

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[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/181548698″ params=”color=358cb4″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


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