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Steve Aoki by Melly Lee (

I drove out on the I-15 from Los Angeles at 6am a few Fridays ago to meet with Steve Aoki. In the EDM scene Steve Aoki is one of the most recognizable names due to his musicality, energetic performances )that occasionally include a cake being smashed into your face,) and his entrepreneurship ventures. Last year he reportedly made $23 million. Wowza. That day Steve was flying in from Montreal, CA for a screening of Unfinished Business (2015,) the comedy’s soundtrack features a few of his songs. Before the screening Steve’s PR team set aside about 30 minutes for my NextShark partner and I to do an interview and short photo session.

Ridiculously fast-paced shoots seem to be a common thing among the heavy hitters (see my 7 minute session with Pacquiao.)

Steve Aoki by Melly Lee (

Behind the Scenes


Equipment Used:

Nikon D800
Nikon 24-70/2.8
Senheisser Lavaliers

Neon Future II

You can watch his interview below or read the full article on NextShark

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