I’m Going to Die

I’m going to die and guess what? You are too! We all are …eventually. Six feet under the ground, soon to be neighbors with the worms, perhaps as a pile of ash in a box or urn or some kind of special decorative container, or maybe we’ll go to the afterlife. My point is life is short and once it’s over, well it’s over. There isn’t a redo nor restart button. this essence of life, our imminent mortality, the greatest motivation to live. 

Death has been occupying my thoughts recently due to a combination of events. I’m getting older, and you my friend are also getting older. People within social circles start to pass or in the midst of fighting for something to hold on to. Before I send everyone into a macabre mood try looking at the silver lining of our inevitable expiration dates. All this serves as reminders that life is precious and we live out every moment. 

Letting Go

to live as if we’re dying can set us free. Dying people teach you to pay attention and to forgive and not to sweat the small things. – Anne Lamott 

Death relaxes you. Hah who says that kind of bs! Take my words with a grain of salt please. Really though how often do you find yourself stressing obsessively over a the small finicky details of life (traffic, parking tickets, no available street parking, burnt coffee, …I can continue to list first world LA problems, etc.) In an ideal world it would be the best if little hiccups were prevented and just never occurred. We don’t live in an ideal world and no matter how much you want to fight it you’re going to have to play with the cards you’re dealt. Or fold. 

Please don’t fold. 

Acknowledging my own mortality makes me appreciate the moments and not waste anymore time or energy over the things that simply don’t matter. Letting go does take practice. In the heat of the moment a small threat will seem like the entire world is about to collapse. However, fast forward to a couple of months ahead you’ll probably won’t even remember whatever you were so stressed with. 

To Not Half-Ass Things


I love Parks & Recreation. This quote from my favorite grumbling, compassionately apathetic Ron Swanson sums up my thoughts on giving your all to something that you believe in. A passion, a career, a relationship, an idea, you fill in the blank. At the minimum give whatever it is an honest try. Meaning give whatever it is a moment of intent and undivided attention. Don’t be on yourself cell phone or expect instant results. 

Think of mortality as one big, nonnegotiable deadline.


I promise you that putting the journey of life into perspective is empowering. We have the freedom and power to make things each and everything. So dear readers what are you going to do tomorrow?

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