First Impressions: Sony Proforma Action Cam Suction Cup Mount


Sony Proforma Suction Cup Mount

Recently I’ve picked up vlogging as a hobby [Why I’m Vlogging.] Being in Los Angeles I’m constantly finding myself vlogging while driving sitting through traffic. I’m about 8 videos deep with the vlog series, therefore it’s about time that I invested into something that would help me capture myself and my life.

Additionally it’s probably a very good idea to keep both hands on the feel and not distract yourself from the road while navigating through a sea of angry, terrible drivers all rushing to get somewhere. With that I decided to pick up a suction cup car mount to mount my Canon G7X or GoPro Hero to the front dash window. After going lines and lines of reviews and complaints on Amazon the Sony Proforma Car Mount appeared to be the best bang for the buck.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 12.52.31 AM

Boom! $16 before tax! You can find cheaper ones online, but they then to have inconsistent quality and will drop your camera.


Why It’s Cool

It’s constructed from sturdy plastic with metal screws and ball head. It features 3 areas where you can pivot and lock the camera into position. And its suction cup itself has a mechanism to easily unlock and remove the mount from the window.

The mount is marketed as a suction cup mount for Sony’s Action Cam, but since the mount has a 1/4” screw mount –you essentially can mount any camera that uses a traditional tripod mount. Just be wary of the weight. I would not mount my DSLR on this.


First Impressions

Thus far I’m happy with my purchase. It has one job and it does it well. Typically my car is mounted at the bottom driver side corner of my window. My camera hasn’t fallen off while driving over bumpy roads or speed bumps. Granted with any rough surface you’re going to pick up some amount of shake in the video. However if you’re looking for something simply, easy to use for recording inside and from window vantage points that keeps video relatively stable I’d recommend Sony’s Proforma Car Mount.

Technically you could also use this mount on the outside of your vehicle and get some interesting angles. I just wouldn’t do it if you’re going at high speeds and don’t have a safety tether cord on it. I’ve seen some GoPro cameras go flying off cars at the racetrack!


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