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Eugene Yang by Melly Lee (

Back in 2013 I was featured as Top 8 Asian American Bloggers on Mochi Mag. Considering how many blogs there are swirling all over the Internet it was nice to be included on such a list with other esteemed bloggers! Earlier this summer the same magazine contacted me again. This time to photograph Eugene Yang –otherwise known as that Asian Guy from Buzzfeed as the cover story for their 2015 men’s issue.

You can read the full interview on Mochi Mag

Eugene is a director, producer, writer, and has all the qualities that any photographer would die to photograph. He’s the type of guy that unapologetically goes for it and makes it look sexy. Throughout this entire shoot it was difficult not to laugh. When everyone in front and behind the camera carries an electric energy that is just excited to work together and have fun –you’re bounded to develop abs in the morning from laughing so hard.



The idea behind Eugene’s set of images was to recreate iconic Hollywood images of leading men. Primarily the fellas we were looking at were James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, Gene Kelly, and John Travolta. The amazing glam squad pulled together the wardrobe, hair, makeup, and moustache to match the vibe and tone.

Eugene Yang by Melly Lee (

Eugene Yang by Melly Lee (

Eugene Yang by Melly Lee (

Behind the Scenes



Equipment Used:

Cameras Used:

Lenses Used:






Stylist: Esther Cho
Makeup: Sherry Celis Yuli Jung
Hair: Jasmine Chang & Grace Joo

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