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In December 2014 I finally made the move to Los Angeles and after watching a series of “1 Second Everyday” videos on Vimeo I was inspired to document my first year in LA through video. The timing was perfect! Prior to moving I was constantly commuting over an hour back and forth from my hometown to Los Angeles. I’ve experienced visiting the city, but never as a resident.

With the final year-long compilation video I wanted to capture one second snapshots –yes, intentionally snapshots. For my work I hold a high expectation to consistently churn out beautiful images, there for my own video project I wanted to drop all my own standards and just capture whatever moment that I’d thought future me would appreciate and like to look fondly back on.

I definitely encourage everyone to try out this project for themselves at some point. It’s not only fun to be nostalgic and look back, but also the resulting final video also gives a third person window into your life. After watching the video one of my housemates commented that you could really tell what I enjoyed doing and who I enjoyed spending time with by noticing reoccurring clips.


The instructions are simple:

1. Grab Something that Records Video

2. Record 1 Second Everyday

3. Compile it at the End of the Year


Programs Used:

I compiled all the video clips together using Adobe Primiere CC. There are phone apps that will record (and most importantly remind you to film a second) the main one being 1 Second Everday (iOS / Android.)


Cameras Used:

I shot all the clips on anything and everything that had a record button for this little memorabilia film. –Whatever that was on hand and most convenient at the time! To not surprise my bigger cameras ( or Nikon D810) were rarely used to capture moments. Instead my go-to cameras were:



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