Rarely do I ever rave or overwhelming promote a piece of software –but I am in love, love, love with the recent  VSCO Cam™ app update by the Visual Supply Company. I’m constantly snapping photos from my phone and my only expectation from my current iPhone 4s is to take decent snapshots without having to think too much. No thinking about setting up lights, no swamping lens, nada! I also expect post processing on the phone to be just as simple. The phone is not my bulky D800 and I hope that I never approach mobile photography in the same manner as I approach making a photo on my workhorse camera. Mobile photography is about documenting and celebrating life on the go. The new VSCO Cam helps promote that! Compare to its original app (do you remember 56k? It’s like that when you tried to export a photo) the update is lightning fast! And there are more specific options on top of the already seamless film-like presets. Yes, it’s same to assume that all the recent images from my photo stream on Instagram are being shot and processed through VSCO Cam. Read on to see my last week in photos (or more like who I’ve been eating with.) Btw did I mention this app is free?

MellyLee-VSCOCAM011 MellyLee-VSCOCAM007

Don McLovin

MellyLee-VSCOCAM008 MellyLee-VSCOCAM015 MellyLee-VSCOCAM014

Two awesome fellow lady photographers: Diane Jong and Sylvia G. 
Sherrie Li the writer!

MellyLee-VSCOCAM005 MellyLee-VSCOCAM004 MellyLee-VSCOCAM009 MellyLee-VSCOCAM003 MellyLee-VSCOCAM001 MellyLee-VSCOCAM002

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