He is the Best Page In the Universe!


If you’ve ever visited The Best Page in the Universe, then you’d be familiar with the website’s sparse layout and Maddox’s blunt honest content. His web page’s format inspired the idea for our shoot on Hollywood Blvd. Over the phone Maddox and I bonded over our mutual dislike for the traffic in around Hollywood and Highland (fellow Angelenos you know what I’m talking about!) and decided to shoot where the tourists congregate. With black poster board and white marker I wanted to Maddox to write his opinions about the area in the same manner as his infamous site. MellyLee-Maddox004 MellyLee-Maddox003 MellyLee-Maddox001 MellyLee-Maddox005

Talent: Maddox (George Ouzounian)

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  • i thought your photos were not only humerouse but really cool to look at. great work.

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