Hanging out with the gang at Fullscreen, Inc.


photo via @jennyvalles

This week I spent a couple of days revisiting the Fullscreen office to photograph some of their most entertaining talent. And let me say they’re over the top and wildly insane fun. We worked in the conference room and did a 2 light setup. For shoots like these I’m almost always shooting tethered to a computer. During our previous shoot together my trusty ole’ 2009 Macbook Pro couldn’t keep up with the cringe worthy file sizes of my D800 (blame the laptop’s USB 2.0). I’d often find myself waiting for files to download or restarting the system. So this time around I brought out my new 2012 13” Macbook Pro that has USB 3.0 — problem solved! No more dropped files 🙂

Can’t wait to share the finished images of your favorite YouTubers!






While shooting I discovered a new tedious annoyance. The tether cable would disconnect at times which would cause a slowdown with my computer. The camera would disconnect, the computer would have to find it again, and then I could proceed with shooting. It’s not too big of an issue, but tedious. A quick solution I came up with was using gaffer’s tape to lock the cable in place.

The tether cable that comes with the D800 has a built in clip that secures the cable to the camera, however the cable itself is way too short for practical use. Next time I shoot tethered I’m going to have a better solution for this.


I want one of these walls in my room.



Gear Mentioned:

Tether Tools 15′ TetherPro USB 3.0 Male A to Micro-B Cable
Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G

Special Thanks: Jenny Valles and Geoff Brummet
Hair/MUA: Reyna Soto

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