Portraits by Fern Lee

As someone who spends much of her time around cameras, I’ll rarely hold still long enough to have my picture taken (picture without a goofy expression to be exact.) Good thing my friend Fern Lee moved into town!


Most of the time when the camera is turned around I over analyze and over think what I should be doing. In my mind I’m thinking “ok self you’re supposed to look natural and pretend that the camera isn’t there and then make sure I drop my shoulder and tilt my chin and then put more weight on one leg…” and the results are generally nothing short of horrific.

Lucky for me Fern is super sweet and magically made me feel comfortable with being in front of the camera. I’m amazed that there’s actually photos of me looking at the camera (well not in the photo above I just really like my hair in that shot), smiling, and am not being goofy –or throwing up gang signs! It’s nice to finally have a set of images that reflect my personality 🙂

Visit her blog to see the rest of our session http://www.fernlee.com/2013/08/melly-lee-my-creative-genius-friend/.

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