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Throwback post!  Oh my gosh! The return of my actual work back on my blog instead of those bts and creative process ramblings!

I’ve been preoccupied for the last few weeks doing shoots and prep, retouching mountains of files, and getting ready for my second trip to New York in mid October. I’ll be attending PhotoPlus, will anyone else be going?

Part of the prep that I’m doing to get ready for PhotoPlus, which is a huge photo expo and portfolio review, is updating and going through all my past work in the last year. It’s crazy how specific and targeted you need to your book to be. I selected 19 out of 1000ish photos to present in the coming weeks. Some photos I’ve rediscovered is this set with Qaadir Howard aka Timaya. We shot in Silverlake last year and ran around yelling at things with a megaphone. Such a ball of energy!







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