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Baron Davis by Melly Lee (

Since the NBA playoffs around the corner (most likely happening by the time these photos are released) we thought who better to interview than NBA All-Star Baron Davis. More and more it seems like the bigger the talent the less time I have to take their portrait. I believe we were given roughly 30 mins to record his interview on his recent projects as a venture capitalist and take his portrait. With that being said Baron was extremely chill, easy to work with …and a lot taller than me. He’s 6’3”, I’m 5’5.” I ended up standing on top of my Pelican case to get a level portrait.

Baron Davis by Melly Lee (

Behind the Scenes:


This interview was one of your bare bones skeleton crew kind of deals. I showed up at the Santa Monica location with my NextShark partner, Benny Luo, set up a camera, and mic’d up Baron. The room had a giant window to camera left and was completely white. This was my main light source and the white walls wrapped everything around Baron in a lovely way. I added an additional silver bounce card on camera right just to fill the in the shadows on the left side of Baron’s face.

Equipment Used:

Nikon D800
Nikon 24-70/2.8
Senheisser Lavaliers

Baron Davis by Melly Lee (


You can watch his interview below or read the full article on NextShark

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