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28 Things I Learned by 28

Happy Birthday to me again! As my friend puts it this is the one time a year when my future, past, and present selves align. Meaning that this is when who I am currently, who I want to be, and who I was hits home. It’s a good time to reflect…

How to be a Good Travel Buddy

I’ve done my share of solo travel in the past [The Power of Time Off.] If you haven’t traveled by yourself –I’d highly recommended it! However, nowadays I’m traveling more and more among the company of others. Of course traveling with others means so long solitude, but taking with a pack does…

Jim Kwik by Melly Lee (

Jim Kwik

It’s not everyday that you get to photograph a new real superhero. Meet Jim Kwik, a guy that will never forget your name and your story. I first heard about Jim and his incredible ability to optimize learning through multiple podcast interviews, which I’ll embed at the bottom of this post…

Lewis Howes by Melly Lee (

Lewis Howes

Everyone’s heard of the stories where the protagonist starts off a broke chump and then overcomes adversities to become someone widely successful and great right? Well Lewis Howes embodies that! When I first started listening to podcasts [Podcasts to Listen To] Lewis’ show, School of Greatness, was one of the first…

Quarter Life Crisis

I had a fun time podcasting Brenda Wong on “Quarter Life Crisis.” Pretty much we talk about our mutual quarter life crisis experienced through chasing the creative life. F*ck it. Full post:  

overconfident alcoholic

Stop Being A Baby! You Don’t Need a Mentor!

If I sound like a cynical jerk or total a**hole, I sincerely apologize. But to the upcoming generation, stop being a baby! You don’t need a mentor to succeed! Now don’t throw rocks or call me biased just yet. There are many benefits to having a mentor especially in a…