Together they make beautiful music.

I went into JON MXCRO’s studio knowing that I didn’t have that much time with hang with these-crazy-hit-making artists. Pressed for time I decided to go with making simple headshots and some behind the scenes snippets of their recording studio. For the most part I used a single light source with a black foamcore board for the backdrop and another to flag the right side of the guys’ faces. It’s a pretty convenient and easy setup when there’s not much time or space to shoot in. After I took individual shots of the guys I wanted to try to create a group shot with a throwback to an old Mighty Morphing Power Rangers movie I saw as a kid.


Check out the rest of images and their exclusive interview with NewMediaRockstars here.

Jon Street
Ray Ro
Three McDaniel



Usually I try to keep things clean and chrome film like, but for this set I wanted to experiment with the color rendering more. If you like what you see I’ve attached the LR4 preset and Photoshop adjustment layers in the button below.
[tweegi-button name="MellyLee-Jonmcxro"]

Talent: JON MCXRO (Jon Street, Ray Ro, and Three)


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