Stanley Kubrick @ LACMA

Hello there cyberspace vistors! Usually I use this blog space to share finished photos and details from my shoots, but for the upcoming year I want to try sharing my other adventures that influence me creativity. My hopes are that talents, brands, and other creatives interested in working with me will get a better sense of my tastes, interests, and creative process. Which thereby lead to stronger relationships and more memorable images.

Read on to see my trip to see the Stanley Kubrick Retrospective at LACMA. Photos are from my iPhone.


Before jumping into the exhibit I checked out the what else was new in the museum. A few pieces that caught my eye were Michael Heizer’s “Actual Size” and “Levitating Mass” mainly because I’m in love with large scale 1:1 prints and partially because it astounded me that a rock could cost $75,000.

There were other pieces as well that worth viewing like the Ken Price Retrospective and Robert Mapplethrope: XYZ, but at last no photography was allowed in those exhibits.

One of things that I enjoyed most of about this exhibit was being able to see all the production photos.



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