Behind the Scenes: Overly Attached Girlfriend

This was perhaps one of the most insane shoots I’ve shot and produced. Read on to find out how this madness came about.


I distinctly remember conceptualizing the idea for this shoot with Laina. She was visiting Los Angeles for a few days and wanted to set up a shoot before she was homeward bond to Texas. Laina and I jumped on skype for a quick brainstorm session (thanks for setting it up Big Frame!) and within minutes of speaking with miss Overly Attached I instantly got a sense of her intense energy! Laina is probably one of the most genuinely sweetest girls who just down for some craziness. I knew I had to try something out of the box with this one.


Given Laina has quite the recognizable face over the inter-webs, I thought this shoot might be the perfect opportunity to organize a flashmob. If one OAG face was fierce enough to strike fear burning desire into one’s soul, imagine what a pack of them could do! We created a Facebook event and blasted it everywhere over social media. The instructions were simple. If you wanted to be the photos show up in front of LACMA’s lamp posts in the morning. Yes, I know I’ve used LACMA as a location before –but it’s a very popular and familiar landmark in Los Angeles, which makes it an ideal meetup spot.


The night before the shoot I made a run for rubberbands and xeroxes of Laina’s infamous face (along with a few Justin Bieber headshots). When the flash mobbers arrived at the meetup location I had them wear the OAG face and then form a sea of overly attached people around Laina.


To capture the sheet mass of the overly attached crowd I strayed away from my usual workhorse lens (85mm) and used a wide angle for the majority of the shots. I stood up on a ladder, shot wide and in your face!


Talent: Laina (Overly Attached Girlfriend)
Photo Assistant: Daniel Nguyen
Behind the scenes: Daniel Nguyen and Justen Nguyen
Special Thanks: Sarah Penna, Big Frame, Benny Luo

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