Shay Carl

This guy works hard, like beast mode hard.MellyLee-ShayCarl004

I got to photograph the 1+ million subscribed YouTube celebrity in Santa Monica, CA. Shay wanted to shoot there because it was the route that he ran to lose 100~ lbs. If  no one told Shay was overweight before, you’d never know! Throughout the shoot he was bouncing all over the place and swinging around the beach’s outdoor gym. Aside from his weightloss story, Shay and his family have a interesting modern day new media stories. Once YouTube began their Partner Program Shay turned making fun online videos into a living and career. MellyLee-ShayCarl002 MellyLee-ShayCarl003 MellyLee-ShayCarl001 MellyLee-ShayCarl005

Talent: Shay Carl 

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