Branden Hampton

Jumping on a phone call with YourFavWhiteGuy (who makes six figures a quarter from using Twitter) aka Branden Hampton to brainstorm shots for his photo shoot was nothing less than awesome. I love photographing people who are just as pumped to make images as I am. For Branden he was looking to make new images for his website and press. In the images I needed to capture his personality, some favwhiteguy humor, and dollar bill$ yo!


The bulk of the shots were based off the idea that going to work for Branden meant being at home (he can actually be wherever he wants) and working off his cell phone or laptop.
Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 7.49.38 PM

Branden’s Company: Influential Media Group
Special Thanks: Tommy Trinh of JustKiddingFilms/Formula Arts

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