Self Portrait


Usually when you throw out an old beaten up piece of furniture it’s like ta ta! and into the garbage you go! In this particular case I was helping my Dad throw out our living room couch, which despite having seemingly good exteriors suffered from a broken frame that had seen one too many bottoms from behemoth relatives. Before I allowed the garbage man to dispose of the old couch I decided to take the opportunity to make a few self portraits. After all how often do you get to make a low-budget portrait jumping on a couch in the middle of the street.

**Note: Never sit/jump/sleep/get-near a mattress/sofa/couch/bed on the sidewalk in NYC it’s probably infested with bedbugs.


To make my silly shot I set up my camera on a tripod and then proceeded to trip the timer and face plant into the couch repeatedly.


And since I had my light set up, might as well make some normal self portraits.







“Let’s see if this E.T. phone home thing works…”



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