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Jon M. Chu by Melly Lee (

This was a last moment shoot with barely any day light left, but no matter what it’s always a pleasure shooting with Jon M. Chu. I met up with him the day after Justin Bieber’s Believe (2013) premiered in Los Angeles. We set up for his video interview first (which btw you must check out the full interview –there’s no way you won’t walk away inspired,) then I got to race against the sun with one light. When we first arrived at the location I noticed that the building had a pretty cool rooftop –it beckoned me to climb and shoot a photograph on it! Once the interview was complete we went to the roof with a 22in beauty dish, AB1600, and a Vagabond II battery pack where we took a portrait against an orange sky. I’m pretty happy with how the image turned out.

Once all the ambient light went down we went back into the building and took a few more photos with Monster the dog.

Jon M. Chu by Melly Lee (


Jon M. Chu by Melly Lee (


Jon M. Chu by Melly Lee (

See those little paper chair? That’s the maquette used for choreographing the Virgin America safety video.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


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