Quick Tips to Look Better In Photos

So you’re about to have your photo taken? Here’s a rundown of a few quick tips to look better in photos –from your photographer/retoucher’s perspective:


Be Excited to Have Your Photo Taken

A primary part of a photographer’s job is to direct and make the photo subject (you) comfortable in front of the camera. Yes, it’s an odd experience standing in front of a big metal box, cloaked in giant lights while trying to be authentic, approachable, and aesthetically pleasing all at once. It’s an even odder experience when you loathe being in front of the camera. Regardless of whether or not you like having your photo taken, once you’ve agree to a photo shoot –you’re going to have your photo taken.

You in front of camera. Click. Photo. Done. Just like that.

If you know you’re going to get photographed be excited about the process. Coming in with a great attitude is only going to make you’re images come out stronger. Your photographer will also have work less to make the experience more bearable for you and thus will have more energy to be creative. Yes, I’m also speaking from experience.


Diet the Week of Your Shoot

The week of your shoot it’s wise to be aware of what you’re putting in your body. Different food combinations can affect your body and therefore your final images. Try to eat clean foods, drink plenty of water (at least 2 liter/day), and stay away from that sodium! …unless bloated and uncomfortable is the look you’re going for. Ridding your body of processed foods and other things that hold on to water not only make you look glowingly radiant, you’ll also feel lighter and more refreshed.

Generally your body needs about 3 days to flush the system clean.


Skin Care

In addition to taking care of your body also be aware of how you’re treating your skin. Assume that all cameras have evil HD powers that exploit all pimples, scars, skin textures, etc. and do your best to keep your skin clean via washing, toning, and moisturizing it.


Body Hair

If you don’t want it seen shave or wax it. Your makeup artist and retoucher will greatly appreciate it.


Come With General Ideas

Even as a photo subject it’s helpful to come prepared with ideas. “Ideas” could mean a variety of things such as:

  • Art direction (unless you’re commissioning your photographer to provide it)
  • Usage, how these images would be used publicity? Selling a product? Changing your look/brand?
  • Hair/makeup/wardrobe, you know yourself best. Come with a gist of what you know works for you and be prepared to work with the MUA/hair and stylist if they’re on set.


Who doesn’t like sleep? And what a better reason together more sleep! I can’t emphasize enough how good it is to be well rested before shooting. When you’re in front of the camera you have to be “on,” meaning that you’ll have to be alert and aware of what expressions you’re conveying, how you’re holding your body, and communicate with your photographer and the rest of the team. Being sleep and exhausted is going to make the process feel extra draining. Recall at the start of this post I said you should come with a great attitude? Sleeping does wonders for that. Zzz… 🙂


Allow yourself to play

Don’t have expectation to make a photo straight out of a magazine on the first go. When you do that your brain is going to go haywire, freezes you up, and will result in a miserable, rusty robot-like expressions. Instead of focusing on being a one-shot wonder and making a great shot off the bat tell yourself “just go for it and just say yes” — kinda like improv [Improv Makes You Better!] The best shots and expressions arrive out of a combination of preparation and serendipity. All the prep happens before stepping foot into the shoot. On the shot day walk in and embrace spontaneity.


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