Behind the Scenes: iJustine

Perhaps one of my most enjoyable shoots in the past year was my shoot with iJustine. Reasons being that:

  1. The collaborated concept was creative and unique.
  2. Traveling to a location was involved (you can’t fake the experience of being in a burning hot desert).
  3. We got to blow sh*t up!
  4. I experimented with matte painting as part of my retouching process.


The concept for this shoot was to create a series of “Call of Duty”-esque images that would involve guns and breaking things (my favorite!) without being too violent for Justine’s YouTube audience.  From this assembled a team to drive off into the middle of nowhere desert where we could safely shoot up a television into bits.

MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik02 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik05 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik03 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik04 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik06

I was pretty satisfied with the images captured in the desert. Having a real environment + real props = real, visceral experiences and expressions.  However, there was one image that stood out to me that could become something more with a little post processing effects. Here’s the breakdown of what I did in Photoshop CS6.

MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik09 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik10 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik11 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik12 MellyLee-BTS-JustineEzarik13




Talent: Justine Ezarik (iJustine)
Firearms Expert: Adrian Zaw 
Photo Assistant: Justen Ngyuen
Producer: Danielle S. Lee
Special Thanks: Petar Mandich


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