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I’ve had a GoPro Hero 3 for a about year now, however only recently have I started to mess around and record things with creatively. I suppose you can say I use this camera as my personal surveillance camera (and maybe to feed my inner narcissist.)  The camera has been very helpful with recording time-lapse BTS footage of my shoots without drawing attention to itself and making mini vacation diary videos. With that said here’s a list of my most used GoPro accessories.

GoPro Tripod Mount

GoPro_TripodMount Without the Tripod Mount you will be lost forever my friend. …forever and ever. That small little piece of plastic is essential if you want to use your GoPro with other camera accessories or other DIY options.

GoPro Battery Bacpac


Dear GoPro,  Your battery life stinks! Please improve.  Cheers,  Melly 

and until then I suppose I’ll be a supporter of the action camera company by loading up on extra rechargeable batteries and their Battery Bacpac.  I actually prefer the Bacpac over having extra batteries (though they’re still good to have lying around!) The Bacpac is pretty handy because you can simultaneously charge it with the camera’s battery (note that this method charges the camera first and then the BacPac,) and it’s also very easy to mount and unmount from the camera. Personally I feel that the original GoPro battery cover is a pain in the rear to remove when you’re trying to swap batteries. Leave a comment if you feel my pain!

XShot 2.0


When your arm is too short for selfies. XShot 2.0 is here to save your vain soul! It’s a light weight stick that extends about 3ft and can attach to any camera that has can mount to a typical tripod. I picked up this extension pole specifically to record my hiking trips simply because: it’s light weight, has good reviews, and is about half the price of the official GoPro one.

I’m also able to hold the Xshot relatively steady for selfie video footage.



Gorilla Pod + Ball Head

GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Flexible Mini-Tripod with Ball Head – Black/Red

DSLR Mount


Whenever I can I’ll record my own behind the scenes from my POV by mounting my GoPro to the top of my camera. This provides a unique behind the scenes look at my shoots that has incognito  invisibility to it despite being right in front of your face. While the shoot is in process often times both myself and the sitter will forget the GoPro is recording. The GoPro gets attached to my camera’s hotshoe using 1/4″ Hot Shoe Mount.


Or with a Short Double-Male Round Spigot with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″ Threads if I’m shooting with off-camera lights using Pocketwizards.



Car Mount (GoPro/DSLR)

There’s a couple of ways you can stick a GoPro on your car. Not wanting to exhaust my finances with buying all the fancy GoPro/Ram suction cup accessories, I first tried using the same camera mounts that I’ve used in the past to stick my Nikon D800 everywhere [Khalif Boyd.]  Since I had the GoPro Tripod Mount and a bunch of grip gear lying around it made sense to see if they were compatible. MellyLee-GoPro-CarMount     This setup is composed of:

This is a pretty sable mount that should support around 40lbs (although I would still use safety cables,) but it’s too big to mount on the inside of my car. For a long road trip I wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable with a Google-Map-Car like contraption stuck to the roof of my car and it’s a big overkill. Nevertheless it works!

Car Mount — CHEAP!


Since I didn’t want a giant, metal antennae thingy sticking out of the top of my car. I ended up using this cheap-ass method of getting my car’s perspective. Presenting my father’s car cell phone mount! It’s one of those universal handsfree suction mounts that’s meant to stick to your car’s windshield whenever your using your phone for navigation. It has a swivel arm. I simply cradled my GoPro between the grips and then bend the swivel arm to have the camera face out of the window. The best part is that is these mounts are like pennies compared to normal gear.

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