BTS of My First Few Weeks of 2013

Wowza! It’s February already! Guess time goes by quickly when you’re running around like a headless chicken. I’ve been keeping myself occupied by embarking a collaborative creative project with Jenny Ong (neon blush). Having worked together on a few small shoots in the past, this time we wanted to try to create something bigger and grander! The process of putting this shoot together has definitely been a fun learning experience (I think I picked up a new hobby of antiquing!). Read on to see what I’ve been up too.


First stop! Gotta find a location to shoot our project in.


Next, art direction and production design. Usually my typical shoot are quite minimal and simple. I tend to use the surrounding environment around me and a few simple props to create my portraits. However, since Jenny and I are both dreaming big for this project why not try to go all out? Danielle S. Lee, the producer for this and many other of my past photo shoots, brought on Eugene Paek, the Creative Director of Formula Arts, to be the Production Designer for our current unnamed art project.



Eugene and I discovered a new fond past time of going through thrift stores and antiquing. We spent a few days looking for specific props and furniture we could use to built a set that would fit a old Hollywood glam look and feel. This was my first time antiquing and I think I regret making fun of “Antique Road Show” back in high school now. There’s a ton of vintage things with so much character and story telling capabilities.








Special thanks to Khalif Boyd and Sam Puefua aka buff Bruno Mars for helping me with props.



Time to pack gear!



Equipment listed:



This shoot is going to require a lot of soft, diffused light. My old NMR intern, Daniel Nguyen, was kind enough to loan me his massive softbox, look I fit inside and I can assure you that I’m not that short. Below is a snapshot of director/filmmaker, Jason Poon, who will be making the lighting come alive!


I feel like this shoot is going to be a significant milestone for my photography journey. So far with crew and talent combined it’s going to by far be my largest collaboration and group portrait. Getting all the elements and parts together during pre-production is a crazy beast! I feel very blessed to be working with kindred spirits.

Can’t wait to share this photo project with you all! A bunch more of my creative peers will be getting involved as well be sure to stay updated and follow them as well 🙂


EDIT: The project, Foundry, is live!

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