Lego Hulk in New York

I was in New York in this summer for a job to create promotional material for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game and Gamestop. The story they wanted me to shoot was a series of images depicting a 20in Lego Hulk running around New York City in search of a Gamestop. Along the way Hulk is supposed to be finding other Marvel super heroes, but he ends up becoming a tad touristy.


I had a wonderful time working with Jeremiah from Warner Brothers on this project, despite the intensive 90+ degree weather combined with summer’s ridiculous humidity. –Seriously I’ve never sweated so much in the middle of a sunny day while it was raining.

**Note to self: Never ever complain about California weather again.

We spent about 5 days running up and down NYC. Back in LA we got a shot list and storyline to create Hulk’s journey with. Many of the locations were tourist spots. I cannot begin to describe how much attention little 20in Hulk attracted. Everywhere we went the biggest challenge was shooing away tourists and fans. Haha, but now I can say that I’ve worked with an official celebrity!

Gear Used:


Ah! Another fond memory. I believe this was day 4 of shooting and we couldn’t stop cracking up with making mini shawarmas on the Highline. Wait till you see what happened with the bagels…

The photo above embodies so many random memories for me. On this night my friend Chris assisted me with making photos around Time Square between 12-3am. Of course one of the locations I needed to capture was Times Square. I decided to make the shots at strange hours to avoid the wrenched stampede of tourists. Instead of tourists though, Chris and I battled with 3 crackheads and 2 drunks. What a city!

Here’s the first couple of images. The rest are gradually being released on Gamestop’s Facebook.




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